Do I need a Sports Bra

Women who play regular sport will know the consequences, of not wearing a sports bra. Sore breasts, stiff shoulders and neck, aching back and even headaches are common with women that neglect to wear a sports bra.

Women with smaller breasts should also wear a good fitting sports bra, although many don't feel the need to. Sports bra's are designed to reduce the amount of vertical and lateral movement, of your breasts, this in turn, reduces the chances of long term injuries as mentioned earlier.

Breasts do not have muscles and are in need of a good quality, well fitted sports bra. Breasts only have ligaments and skin to retain their shape and once they stretch or sag, sadly this is irreversible, without costly cosmetic surgery. The Coopers ligament can be protected by using a sports bra and effectively retain your breasts original shape.

Some sports bras are designed specifically for running, some for use whilst playing ball sports and some for total freedom of movement, as in racket sports. There are even some designed specifically for use in equestrian situations.

Low impact sports bra's are generally of a crop top design, where maximum support is not required. High or extreme impact sports bra's are usually designed with a higher neck line and give maximum support to each individual breast.

Many however are multifunctional, manufacturers are now designing sports bras, which cross many sports boundaries and enable the user to use in a wide variety of circumstances.

So, whether you are a small or large breasted lady, when actively engaging in any level of sport, please wear a well fitted, sports bra. You will notice the benefits, look and feel great too.