How to Measure Yourself

To ensure your sports bra fits comfortably and does the job it is designed to do, i.e. support your breasts, it is essential you measure yourself regularly. As your body shape changes over time, so will your bra size so, we recommend you measure yourself twice a year to maintain the level of support you deserve. But, how do you measure for a new sports bra?

You will be required to measure yourself, in two places, one around the chest but, under your bust so it fits comfortably. Do not stretch the tape too much as this will give a false reading and give you a bra size that is too small. Next take a measurement around your breasts and around the back, the perfect place is around the fullest part of the breast.

Now is the time to work out what bra size you require. There is a formula that may seem quite daunting at first but, is a great way to ensure your bra is as good a fit as possible, without having to have a professional bra fitting.

First measurement, in inches = 32 (For example)

Second measurement, in inches = 40 (For example)

If your first measurement is even add 4, if it is odd add 5. So we would add 4 making it 36". Next we refer to this chart:-

2nd measurement - 1st measurement = cup size

Less than 1st measurement = AA
Both measurements the same = A
1" more = B
2" more = C
3" more = D
4" more = DD
5" more = E
6" more = F
7" more = FF
8" more = G

Please note, the first measurement must also include either 4" for even measurements or 5" for odd measurements, before referring to this chart.


So, let's work out our sports bra size using the example measurements above.

1st measurement = 32" (even number so add 4) + 4 = 36" bra
2nd measurement = 40". This is 4" more so we would need a cup size DD.
Our sports bra would be a 36DD.