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Shock Absorber Sports Bra

Shock Absorber sports bras are designed by women for women. They believe your sports bra should work for you, no matter what size or shape. Shock Absorber was launched in 1995, after research showed that wearing a Shock Absorber sports bra reduced breast movement by up to 78%.

Since then they have become the biggest selling sports bra company in Europe. They have picked up many awards overs the last decade and are continuing to research and develop new products, to ensure you get the best sports bra for the level of activity required.

Shock Absorber have 2 levels of support, Ultimate and Active. Both levels are well capable of with standing the most vigorous of workouts although the Gym Bra S002Z and the Run Bra 5540 are in the Ultimate catagory. Using a Shock sports bra will give added support during exercise by up to twice as much as when using a normal bra. They continue to invest in the designs and development of their sports bras to ensure they remain the number 1 brand in the UK.

We stock the complete range of sports bra from Shock Absorber and have sizes ranging from 30A to 40HH. This ensures there is a support bra for you from the market leader. Our best selling bras for the larger busted ladies are the D+ Max 109 and the Max 4490, both of these are available in black or white. Whether you need a sports bra for running, horse riding, netball, rugby or a more leisurely walk, Shock will have one for you.

Sports Bra Shop | Sports Bras |  Shock Absorber Sports Bras