Sports Bra Buying Guide

When buying a new sports bra, there are a few things to consider, to ensure, your bra fits perfectly. Around 65% of women in the UK are wearing bra's that do not fit properly, with the cup size or bra size being measured incorrectly.

When purchasing a new sports bra, you should first work out the correct size, using our sizing guide. The sports bra purchased should fit snugly and feel comfortable, whilst also giving full support to your breasts. Too often, ladies fasten their bra on the tightest hook, which tells us, the bra is too big. With a new sports bra, you should always fit it on the loosest hook, as over time the elastic in the bra will stretch. The elastic stretches through use and with regular washing so, if you start with a good fitting bra, fitted on the loosest hook, you will prolong the length of time the bra could be used for.

Many women think they need a bigger bra size and a smaller cup size. This is often incorrect, 2 ladies in our office were wearing 36DD bra's but, we found a better fitting sports bra, both are now happier in a 34F. So be careful when purchasing, as the right size sports bra, will give you maximum support and comfort.

The sports bra should be comfortable around the back and on the shoulders. If you are able to pull the back of the bra away from your body, by more than a couple of centimetres, you either have a bra that is too big or too tired (over stretched). The side strap or rib band, on a perfectly fitted sports bra, should be horizontal (the front is the same level as the back). Poorly fitted or old bra's tend to be higher at the back.

The shoulder straps should be adjusted to give support to your breasts without digging in to your shoulders. If they do dig into your shoulders, it could be because the bra size is too big or needs updating.

Finally, it is important to get a cup size that restricts breast movement vertically and horizontally. Breasts have now muscles and are only supported by ligaments and skin. When they stretch it is irreversible unless surgery is undertaken. So choosing your style of sports bra and the correct size is vitally important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you exercise regularly, twice or more per week, it is advisable to have at least 2 sports bra's available. By doing this it allows the elastic to return to its original state, if you over use one bra the elastic, loses its memory.