Sports Bra by Impact Level

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High Impact Sports Bra
High impact level of sports bras are generally for fast moving action sports, with multi directional movements.
Medium Impact Sports Bra
Medium level impact sports bras are gemerally for use with sports that have less vigorous movements. These movements tend to be in one direction only.
Low Impact Sports Bra
Low impact sports bras are for actions that are usually taken at a walking pace or a very light jog. With movements generally in one direction.

Which impact level?

Sports bras comes with three levels of impact rating high, medium and low. Each varies widely depending on which manufacturer you decide on. Many manufacturers now produce sports bras at the higher impact level to ensure you can buy one sports bra but, use across a spectrum of sports.

If you are unsure of which impact level to get, we always suggest you select a higher impact sports bra, to be sure you are less likely to damage the coopers ligament.

Sports Bra Shop |  Sports Bra by Impact Level