Which Impact Level

Sports bras come with different levels of impact use- which is best for me?
There are many different types of impact level and each varies widely, depending on which manufacturers' sports bra are purchased. The standard levels of impact are:

* Low Impact level
* Medium Impact level
* High Impact level

Some manufacturer's ranges are suitable for all sports and activities but, some state which sports or activities, their bra is more apt for.

You should consider using a sports bra even when going out for a walk. The type of sports bra for walking or for less active movements, would be of a low level impact bra.

If you are running a lot, or have a higher level of physical activity, you will need a sports bra that reduces vertical and lateral bounce. The Shock Absorber Run sports bra is one of the best for this level of activity.

If you are playing racket sports, a sports bra that gives more freedom in upper body movement whilst, still maintaining a great degree of lateral protection.

If your sport involves a high frequency of jumping and elevated reach, a sports bra with a reduction of vertical, movement is paramount.

If you are involved with equestrian events, you would need a sports bra that again protects from vertical and lateral movement.

A larger breasted lady will require more support, than a smaller bosomed woman. So, size and type of activity will need to be taken into consideration, when deciding on type of impact sports bra required. Although the list is endless, here are some activities coupled with the impact level required:-

Low impact level - walking Shock Absorber Padded Pump Sports Bra

Medium impact level - dance, skiing, cycling classes Shock Absorber Plunge Sports Bra

High impact level -tennis, mountain biking, netball, horse riding, hockey Freya Active Soft Cup sports bra.

Extreme impact level -aerobics, martial arts Freya Active Soft Cup sports bra.

The extreme level is not available in all ranges, where it is not available, the high impact sports bra will the bra of choice. Remember, if you have larger breasts, you will require a higher impact level.